The information on this page is for entrance in April, 2021.

[[CHANGES (Last Updated: December 18, 2020)]]
We will do the examination as below to consider the risk of being infected with COVID-19 to those who travel to Sapporo from other prefectures and counties.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (tel: +81-11-852-9138).
TOKYO venue of the examination was cancelled.
★Those who live in other prefectures or countries and are not able to come and take the examination at SAPPORO venue will take the online-examination (writing + interview) as the same questions as SAPPORO.
We will let you know more details in person who are applicable.

(※)Those who need to travel with airplanes.


Sapporo University

Quota School of Society and Collaboration  20 *Select the major at the time of application

  • Major in Ecomonics
  • Major in Business Administration
  • Major in Law
  • Major in English
  • Major in Russian
  • Major in History and Culture
  • Major in Japanese Language and Culture
  • Major in Sports
  • Major in Liberal Arts

Sapporo University Women’s Junior College

Quota Career Design Department, Child Study Department  Variable

<Admission Schedule>

Schedule Note
Screening Apllicant’s Qualification Wednesday, November 25, 2020 – Friday, December 25, 2020 Applicants meeting with qualifications of (1)② and/or (2)③ should contact SU administration.
Application Period Monday, January 4, 2021 – Friday, January, 2021 The completed documents must arrive at SU by noon, JST of the last day of application period.
Date of Selection Friday, February 5, 2021
Date of Announcement of Successful Appilicants Monday, February 22, 2021 The application numbers of successful appilications will be posted on the SU website. The successful applicants will receive the result of screening in writing. SU will not respond to any inquireis regarding the results of the selction.
Enrollment Procedure Period Wednesday, March 10, 2021 The procedure must be completed by noon, JST of the last day of enrollment procedure period.

<Test Center>

Test Center Sapporo University and Tokyo List of Things the Applicants Must Bring
1. Addmission Tiket
2. Passport
3. Residence Card *Only for the applicants live in Japan.
4. Writing Implements

<Screening Process>

Screening Process
  1. Evaluation of Documents
  2. Written Test of Japanese for 1(one) hour
  3. Interview in Japanese

<Application Fee>

Application Fee 30,000 JPY
  1. Deposit an alpplication fee of 30,000 JPY in the following bank account with a bank transfer fee.
  2. Not admitt to bring money directly to SU.
  3. Once the application documents accepted, application fee will not refunded with any reasons.

[ Bank Account ]

Beneficiary Bank North Pacific Bank, LTD.
Branch Name Toyohira BRANCH
Beneficiary Account Number 3210630
Beneficiary Address 3-7-3-1, NISHIOKA, TOYOHIRA-KU, SAPPORO, HOKKAIDO 062-8520 JAPAN
Beneficiary Phone Number +81-11-852-9138

<Application Qualificatioin>

Applicants who has non-Japanese nationals. Applicants who meet (1) and (2) below. Applicants who possess the residence status of ‘Student’ or are able to get the residence status of ‘Student’ after enrollment. Applicants who have been in Japan for less than four(4) years as of March 31, 2021.

[ NOTE ]

People who do not have (and cannot receive) the resident status of ‘Student’ are not allowed to take the entrance exam. Some individuals may not be able to receive the status of “Student.” Please check with the immigration office if you have any questions. Only students with the status of “Student” are eligible for the reduced fees paid by international students.

(1) Must meet one of the following criteria

  1. ① Completed secondary education and school education for 12(twelve) years or more outside Japan, or be expected to do so by March 31, 2021.
  2. ② Be recognized by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Techology as having a qualification equivalent to an eligibility for admission to universities as the same of ① in Japan. If you so, please contact us.
  3. ③ Be recongnized by the SU President as having a qualification equivalent to ① and ②.

(2)Possess sufficient Japanese language ability to take university classes in Japanese, and have taken one of the following tests.

  1. ① Have taken first or second tests in 2019 for JLPT_N2 or N1, or first test in 2020 for JLPT_N2 or N1.
  2. ② Have taken EJU test in 2019 or 2020 for ‘Japanese’ and ‘General Studies’.
  3. ③ Those who have not taken tests of ① or ② must contact SU administration in order to check you to possess sufficient Japanese ability with another way during Wednesday, November 25, 2020 – Friday, December 25, 2020 .

<Application documents>

We only accept application forms by mail, not by the Internet.

Documents Note
1.Address Label (Downlord) Please complete the area inside the bold lines, and make sure with the checklist all documents below that you need to submit are enclosed.
2.Application Form (Downlord) Applicants must write in Japanese by themselves, not others.
Address must be the same as one written in “Certificate of Residence”.
Please submit 3 (three) headshots.
Click here for sample.
3.Motivation Letter (Downlord) Applicants must write in Japanese by themselves, not others.
Please write a motivation letter with about 800 words in Japanese.
4.Enquiry Letter from Japanese Language School (Downlord) Please request Japanese Language School write the enquiry letter.
The school must seal the school’s original envelope.
Only unopened envelope is acceptable.
5.Certicate of Remittance (Application Fee) Please submit a certificate of remittance (application fee).
It must have the applicant’s name, the amount of money and the date of remittance.
6.Certificate of Application Qualification(1)① Please submit the original copy of Certificate of Graduation and Transcript of high school you went.
If you have those documents in languages except Japanese and English, please request Official Institution such as Japanese Language School and/or Embassy of Japan to translate into Japanese or English.
7.Certificate of Application Qualification(1)② Please contact us during the term of Screening Applicants Qualification if you are not applicable to (1)① and we will confirm if you have application qualification with other ways.
8.Certificate of Scores for EJU ※ Please submit the certificate of scores for EJU by JASSO.
Applicants must request JASSO to issue the certificate.
9.Certificate of Scores for JLPT ※ Please submit the certificate of scores for JLPT by JEES.
Applicants must request JEES to issue the certificate.
10.Certificate of Residence We confirm your qualification of residence, term of residence and present address.
Please request Ward Office to issue the certificate.
Please submit the certificate which is issued within 3(three) months of application.
Applicants living in Japan must submit the certificate.
11.Copy of Passport Please submit a full-colour copy of your passport (headshot page).
12.Copy of Residence Card Please submit a full-colour copy of your residence card (front & back side).
13.Financial Plan (Downlord) Applicants must write in Japanese by themselves, not others.
We confirm your financial plan for the period of your study at SU.
We will ask you to submit additional documents relevant to the financial plan at the time of procedure of entry SU.
For more information, please read carefully the procedure of entry SU sending with Certificate of Acceptance.

※Please contact us during Screening Applicant’s Qualification if you are not able to submit application form No.8 or No 9.


  1. Please put all of application forms into an A4 envelope and seal + put an address label on the front.
  2. Please ask the counter of JP Office to send the forms as “Resistered Mail” and “Express”.
  3. Please use a black ballpoint pen to fill out. You must not use pencils or erasable pens.
  4. We only accept the original certificates issued within 3(three) months in Japanese or English.
    You need to submit a Japanese or English translation of the certificate if they are written in languages except Japanese and English.
    In that case, only translations are acceptable which are sealed by official institutions such as Japanese Language School and Embassy of Japan.
  5. We will not return any application forms once you submit.
  6. Please submit additional documents when we ask for.
  7. Please contacact us if you have any questions.

<Test Center Map>

[ Sapporo ]

Sapporo University

1F of Building No.6, 3-7-3-1, NISHIOKA, TOYOHIRA-KU, SAPPORO, HOKKAIDO 062-8520 JAPAN
Telephone Number : +81-11-852-9138 *Direct line to SUICC

[ Tokyo ]←TOKYO venue of the examination was cancelled.

BUNKAHOSO Career Partners

Telephone Number : +81-3-5776-3211

<Application Address and Inquiry>

Sapporo University International Communication Center : SUICC

1F of Building No.6, 3-7-3-1, NISHIOKA, TOYOHIRA-KU, SAPPORO, HOKKAIDO 062-8520 JAPAN
Telephone Number : +81-11-852-9138 *Direct line to SUICC
E-mail Address :